PED Clarifications




On the basis of the provisions of the directive in question:

  1. The pipes and fittings of the EQOfluids line, to be placed on the market, must not be CE marked (Art.1 para 2 and Guideline 1/9). The affixing of the CE marking would be a serious infringement of the directive itself.
  2. The pipe and fittings of the EQOfluids line fall within the applicability of article 3 paragraph 3 of the directive and must therefore be (and are) designed and manufactured according to "good manufacturing practice" (... in accordance with the sound engineering practice ...).
  3. When the pipe and fittings become a whole (plant or equipment under pressure) it is up to the assembler / manufacturer to make the appropriate conformity assessments according to the PED and to obtain all the documentation relating to all the components used.

In conclusion, the EQOfluids is in any case required to provide its customers who request it with the necessary documentation for any certification process. In particular:

If the client has prepared a complete and detailed order form in which clearly defined the elements listed below, simply issuing a declaration of compliance with the order Elements to be indicated in the orders:

  • Product code and description 
  • Nominal diameters of the products 
  • Quantitative.
  • Conditions of use within the limits set by the specific technical documentation EQOfluids
  • Marking characteristics of the products provided for in the same documentation 
  • Traceability identified by indication of the lot on the products or on their packaging

Manufacturing declaration made according to "correct construction practice" The last four paragraphs can be replaced by the annotation: the material referred to in this order must comply with the indications in your technical documentation.

In all other cases where it has not been possible to issue a declaration of conformity to the order, if requested, EQOfluids will in any case issue a declaration of conformity with the technical specifications indicated in the documentation attached to the declaration.

EQOfluids products are manufactured according to " correct construction practice ", being the Quality System of the CERTIFIED producers in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Standard.

The fluids that are normally transported in the applications foreseen by EQOfluids are considered "group 2", and therefore do not belong to the category of dangerous fluids . The choice of the product by the user must be made through our technical documentation, which shows the characteristics DIMENSIONAL / FUNCTIONALS of the product itself.

For any information and / or suggestions please contact us, our. technicians are Vs available to help you in the BEST CHOICE.